Cheryl De Luca
“Do something every day that scares you.”
– Emerson… (with a twist)

A lover of life and art, Cheryl Is an actor, writer, and mother to humans and pooches. Born of mixed decent – Anishinaabe, UK and Mediterranean, she was taught at an early age to love the beauty of nature and all sentient beings by her father and the power of strength and love by her mother. Still chasing her heritage – she believes that every day is an opportunity for learning and joy.

For her acting is all about the freedom to share those little bits of ourselves that society forces us to keep hidden and the catharsis it offers to the individual when they are set free. From theatre as a student to film and TV as an adult, it is an art that she studies constantly to improve, renew, and discover. And for the opportunity to do that, she is always grateful, Miigwetch (Thank You).