Charlotte Yang
Actor, Musician
“Play dope songs, nope to unhappiness. Life is a music sheet with your own notes.”
– Charlotte Yang

Charlotte Yang, the big sis in the family. She’s responsible, tough, energetic, and takes acting and performance seriously. She’s also funny, quirky, and sometimes sarcastic. Her daily routine is at least 2 hours of guitar practice, gymnastics, reading, writing, and painting – and math of course.

Charlotte started acting when she was 5 years old, getting involved with award-winning short films, feature films and commercials. Her quirky voice has been picked up by commercials and radio dramas. During the quarantine years, she picked up her life partner – her guitar, and fell in love with it. Her exceptional guitar and on-camera performance skills have been commented on by Cate Blanchett’s production team “Charlotte’s performance was amazing, very talented, and we were thrilled.” She believes music is the key to expressing her feelings; exploring music and art enables her to be her authentic self and to connect with others.

Charlotte is so excited to grow in her skills and continue pursuing her passions!