Cate Richardson
Actor, Singer
Non Union
“There is no greater agony than bearing the untold story inside of you.”
– Maya Angelou

Cate Richardson is an actress, singer, musician, songwriter, and social worker. Cate grew up in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, taking violin and piano and spending time on her family’s hobby farm, surrounded by nature and pets big and small. Her love of music led her to audition for her high school’s musical as a 13-year-old, landing her the role of Miss Hannigan in “Annie”. Although she had wanted to play the title character, her casting as the sardonic and cynical matron of the orphanage revealed a love of big characters and ultimately, acting as a performance discipline.

Having spent several years learning classical music, Cate added singing to the roster, and throughout high school Cate was taking private violin, piano, voice and music theory classes as well as performing in school and community theatre shows, playing French horn in her school’s band, playing violin in the Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra, and singing in the Sinclair Singer’s choir. This busy time taught Cate to be incredibly self-disciplined, a skill which has since come in handy both in her time at the Canadian College of Performing Arts and in her online schooling in Social Work at the University of Victoria. Cate has been attending school online for the last three years while acting all over BC. She will graduate in July 2018 and intends to use her education on social justice and anti-oppressive practice in her passion for storytelling as an actor and performer.

As a professional actor, Cate has played, sung and acted in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria, Rossland, Barkerville, Courtenay, and Fort MacMurray. Among her favourite performances have been playing the fanciful and mysterious “Player” in Seven Tyrants’ Mozart & Salieri, in which her skills as an actor/singer/dancer/violinist/pianist and even percussionist were brought to the fore. Cate also had the pleasure of working with Lee Toland Krieger on the Landmark Cinemas film The Age of Adaline, acting alongside Blake Lively as “Young Flemming”.

Cate is a budding jazz/blues singer-songwriter, and had the opportunity to put her songs on the stage in 2017 at the Impromptu Cabaret Festival in “Sweat, Tears & the Sea: A Year of Musical Remedies”. Cate has since played her songs in theatres, bars, and even in the emergency shelter where she recently completed a social work placement.

Cate’s ultimate passion is for storytelling, especially in pursuit of social justice and community healing. In her future work, she hopes to share that love with others young and old and to continually pursue a more just and kind world through the sharing of individual and group narratives.