Cassandra Naud
Actor, Dancer, Voice Over Actor
“Our differences are not a reflection of our limitations.”
– Cassandra Naud

Cassandra Naud (SHE/HER) is a queer Canadian actor, dancer and entrepreneur known for her role of Cappuccino in Loudermilk (Audience Network). She is the second eldest of four children; two boys and two girls. She left her hometown of Fort McMurray, Alberta at the age of 19 and headed straight to Hollywood where she tackled her endeavours head on.

After receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts and a couple solid dance credits she decided to relocate to Vancouver where she began her acting career. She made her television debut as Fiona in Snowpiercer (TBS/Netfilx), followed by recurring roles in See (Apple TV) and The Good Doctor (ABC).

Alongside her acting career, Cassandra is the co-founder of Luteal- a queer-owned mission driven brand helping people manage menstrual pain through innovative products, health literacy and community advocacy. They’ve made their mark with their viral campaign entitled “People Have Periods” which celebrates queer and trans folks by including them in everything Luteal.

Inclusion is something that Cassandra is passionate about. Having faced adversity herself, she fully understands the power of media and the important part it plays in today’s society. The narrative around “beauty” has changed drastically these past few years, and she feels unbelievably lucky to be a part of it.