Caleb Di Pomponio
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“Caleb Di Pomponio as Donkey is a hoot: the constant patter, the fantastic moves, and the outstanding voice. Simply enthralling!”
– Lindsay Follett,

Born and raised in Vancouver Britsh Columbia, Caleb knew from a very young age that the life of performing was the life for him.

Caleb graduated with distinction from the Capilano University Musical Theatre Program in 2012. That same year he was awarded the “Outstanding Newcomer Award” at the Applause Musical Society’s Ovations Awards. Caleb hit the ground running and booked his first professional contract, in the supporting role of Sonny, in the Canadian debut of the 2009 Tony Award winning musical, In The Heights, with the Arts Club Theatre Company. Performing in his home city, on the beautiful Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, was a game changer for Caleb. And being able to work under the direction of the Arts Club’s former Artistic Director, Bill Millard, was definitely a highlight. After spending the early days of his career building relationships and gaining credits in the Vancouver theatre scene, Caleb set his sights on working across this beautiful country. First stop: Toronto.

After booking his first contract in Toronto and spending an incredible three months touring the city with Smile Theatre Company, Caleb gave into the pull and made Toronto his second home. Toronto has been nothing short of a dream come true for Caleb, especially after landing the role of Sonny in GreaseTO and working with Canadian legends Lisa Stevens, Liz Baird, and Melissa Williams. (Original direction and choreography of GreaseTO by Josh Prince).

Whether it be the gorgeous coast of BC or the rumble and energy of a big city like Toronto, you will always find Caleb somewhere outside and always with his dog, Pickles. “Pickles is my best buddy and travel companion. Where I go, he goes!”