Brittany Clough
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“ A big shout out to Brittany Clough (Kira/Otterbox), who tackles the complexities of her role with ease: she maintains such a timid posture, as if she’s apologizing for the space she takes up – but evolves into a total nightmare by the end of the play. Also, her “scary voice” is simultaneously frightening and funny.”
– Torontonicity

Brittany Clough, originally from Chilliwack, British Columbia, is a hard working, vivacious, passionate and versatile triple threat performer. The energy and charisma she puts into every job and every day is what makes her unique. She has a bubbly spirit that is grounded by her focus and dedication to her craft. Brittany attended Randolph College for the Performing Arts, having the honour of graduating as her class’ valedictorian.

Brittany has worked professionally all across the U.S.A. and Canada, and also in the UAE including Cinderella International Tour, Shopkins Live International Tour, Little Mermaid National Tour, A Forever Frozen Story National Tour and more. Most recently, she has booked the role of Sophie in “Mamma Mia” at Stage West Calgary. She has worked on many film, TV and commercial sets. Some of her favourites include Movie of the Week: “The Perfect Cheerleader” as head cheerleader Brianna, and Reese’s Pieces Easter Commercial as the adorable Reester Mascot.

Since graduating, Brittany continues to push herself to learn new things leading to training and performing in multiple new fields. With Randolph sparking her love of Shakespeare, she has now furthered that training with Nigel Shawn Williams and Benedict Campbell (Shakespeare in the Ruff Masterclass), as well as James Wallis and Julia Nish-Lapidus (Shakespeare BASH’d). She has trained and worked in puppetry (performing in Avenue Q), pole dancing, stage/film combat, voiceover animation, and more. Brittany, always eager to keep growing as an artist, has made Metro Movement Dance her second home, generally taking anywhere from four to ten classes a week.

Not dropping a beat from performing, Brittany has also recently found a love of producing, directing, and choreographing. She is currently choreographing at Oh Canada Eh, and has also choreographed notable shows such as Chicago. She has produced, written and directed a two act musical (performed to over 2,000 people), produced, written and directed a 12 person cabaret (oversold on both performances), produced, written and performed in a one person cabaret called “But What Do I Put As My Home Address”, and, most recently, produced and performed in “Every Brilliant Thing” (October 2019).

Brittany’s work ethic and passion for her career has quickly been noticed in all of her contracts. She brings joy, conversation, and growth to every show she works on and is always pushing herself to grow as an artist and a human.