Athyna Escobido
Actor, Dancer, Singer
“Your thoughts Could be your worst enemy so fill it up with positivity.”
-Yna E.

Four different genetic ethnicity composes Yna’s unique facial features that is evident as soon as you meet her aside from her explosive personality. Yna (pronounced as ‘Eenah’), as she is fondly called by her family and closest friends, has a fun-loving and cheerful personality. Her family used to call her “The Happy Energizer Baby!” because she hardly has any ‘down’ time and is always eager to do many things all at once! “Fun!” is the one word to describe her when she is around people, she is wiser than her age, loves a good conversation, has a contagious funny laugh and hardly gets tired even after a full day of rigorous activities.

Many commend her for being prompt and patient during auditions and for exceeding expectations. She continues to dedicate most of her time training hard and ensures excellence in each of her lessons. She has been active in Music, Dance and Sports. She is trained in Classical Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and does Voice coaching to help maintain her vocal prowess. She dances the Ballet, Contemporary Jazz and has had formal lessons in sports like Swimming, Gymnastics, Taekwondo and a bit of Krav Maga martial arts. She has experienced being in the chorus as well as a lead in theater where she discovered that acting is definitely what she wants to do, it is her passion. She loves acting so much, no matter what role, nothing is too small or too big for her, she will work hard on it and do her best.

It’s never a dull moment with Yna. She keeps training, continues practicing, and enjoys each time no matter how challenging. The demands for professionalism and discipline of acting, dancing, singing and modelling only motivates her to surpass standards required of her. She maintains energy and enjoys all throughout because of her love for her craft.