Armando J Cruz
Dancer, Actor
ACTRA Apprentice
“You are the masterpiece of your own life. You are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David you are sculpturing is you”
– Dr. Joe Vitale

Armando has been dancing from a very young age. He had his first taste of training with salsa lessons from his mother and other various latin styles. He then found himself mimicking music videos and concerts, learning that he had a knack for choreography.

Armando, born in Toronto has been expanding his dance vocabulary and training vigorously in hip hop, jazz funk, latin styles and dancehall. He has travelled to Los Angeles and nEW york for the past few years. His credits include Monsters of Hip Hop 2016, Much Music Video Awards & TeenFAV Awards. He has also danced for prestigious artists such as Ariana Grande, Kiesza, Freesha Turner, PSY and Danny Fernandes.

Armando has also worked with top Toronto choreographers: Shameka Blake, Leon Blackwood, Scott Fordham, Hollywood Jade and more. He has also worked with highly esteemed dancehall choreographers: Tazz Blaze, Ponytails and Tabby Rockstar.

Armando has an increidbly strong work ethic and dreams to match. His unique look, quick ability to learn and positive attitude are 2 of his main assets as a performer. Armando continues to live his dreams for years to come.