Antony Cheng
Dancer, Actor
“Never stop learning.”
-Antony Cheng

Antony began his career as a Canadian international and professional figure skater. During his competitive years, Antony has become a 3 time Canadian National Medalist, 10 time Provincial Medalist, 2 Time Ontario Winter Games Champion and while on the Canadian Junior National Team, won the ISU Coupe Du Printemps, Luxembourg and competed at an ISU Junior Grand Prix, USA.

Antony has since performed on Royal Caribbean cruise ships as a soloist on Liberty and Allure of the Seas in the shows “Encore” and “Ice Games” with Willy Bietak Productions.

While being a figure skating coach and choreographer, Antony is also a professional dancer. A dance student at Centennial College, Antony is also a part of several companies including The Vibe Exclusive with George Jones, Mission Vision Purpose Advanced Company with Lianne Tammi and TDC Entertainment Inc. Antony has developed a versatile dance background in commercial, contemporary, jazz and ballet.

Antony has appeared in several live shows, music and concept videos including “Breathe Life” music video by Laura Fernandez as a dancer and choreographer with High Big Peace Films.