Anisa Tejpar
(She/Her/Hers) | Intimacy Choreographer / Director / Coordinator
“Storytelling allows us to share our diverse life experiences. Movement speaks to us all. Intimacy brings us together. As we create these narratives, my objective is to make sure that all are included, cared for, and heard along the way.”
– Anisa Tejpar

Anisa Tejpar (she/her) is an acclaimed dancer, choreographer, and movement specialist with 20 years of experience in performance. From stage, to film and television, video games and commercials, Anisa has created for all scales of media, applying her unique professional skills and humour with collaborative spirit to build lasting creative relationships and positivity in the workplace.

The evolving workplace world of intimacy, sensitivity and inclusion has become a passion for her. As the child of immigrant parents from South America and Africa, she has an intrinsic understanding of the challenges of conformity and vast potential for diversity. This has directly translated to how she creates and perceives art and feeds her vision in the field of intimacy. Having learned from organizations such as Theatrical Intimacy Educators, National Society of Intimacy Professionals, and Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, Anisa’s depth of knowledge stems far beyond her intellectual training, but into the physical world of choreography, allowing her to create the embodiment of a project and a director’s vision. Movement is her language, and through collaboration and consent, perception and understanding, her strength lies in creating intimate portrayals of character that brings life to narrative written on the page.

Anisa speaks English, Spanish and is competent in French.

She is certified in Mental Health First Aid as well as in First Aid/CPR Level C.