Andreja Punkris
Actor, Dancer, Singer
“Andreja has greatly raised the profile of fine Canadian talent within and beyond the great Canadian borders…”
– John Dietrich

Andreja Punkris is soon becoming a recognized and celebrated name in the entertainment industry. Her versatility as an actress, singer, and dancer has led her to become an established and well-known performer in many venues of artistic expression. She has had the opportunity to be featured in films such as Mean Girls, Repo: The Genetic Opera and American Pie while at the same time mastering a full time school work load, writing her music and stepping out to Toronto’s music world and performing with her band for the music community. Andreja took her first steps into the spotlight of theatre at the age of two. She quickly realized that this is her world and passion and through hard work and through many various achievements she landed a YTV Junior Achievement Award honoring her dedication and talent to the world of entertainment. 

Although she began her career as a dancer, Andreja realized that she was gifted with many more talents that ultimately contributed to her success as a top gun in the world of song and dance and theatre. Strongly influenced by her father’s musical talent and family support not to mention a strong influence of Lithuanian culture, Andreja learned to compose melodies and lyrics to incorporate into her dances at a young age. She subsequently began vocal training with many renowned vocal coaches including Bill Vincent, and has since signed an artist development contract with Sony’s Big Bold Sun Music where she has been given the opportunity to work alongside the nation’s most famed songwriters. She has also completed her Chiacetti Ballet exams and holds credentials for teaching. 

Standing at an impressive 5″11, Andreja was originally concerned that her height would be a hindrance within the dance community. It has, however, proved to be quite the opposite turnout as she became one of New York City’s legendary Rockettes and since then has had many professional opportunities such as performing in the live Toronto Cabaret, Fashion Cares, The Producers. 

Not just a pretty face, Andreja recently completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University, with honors. As a result, she has developed a hands on understanding of the industry and a well developed as well as diverse understanding of both the artistic and business aspects of the entertainment world. 

Currently, Andreja has been hard at work, recording in Los Angeles alongside her band, writer/musician/producer David Tyson. Aside from her writing and music partners, Andreja is also supported by Belinda Stronach, Canadian businessperson, philanthropist and former politician who is a large fan of the music industry as well as Andreja’s music and who has had involvement in Andreja’s plans and endeavors.

Andreja continues to develop and maintain an active presence in the artistic communities of both the US and Canadian entertainment markets.