Andrea Cross
“I believe Andrea’s abilities and wonderful disposition would make her a most positive addition to any professional project”
– Ron Singer (professor of theatre- York University 1972 – 2003, Artistic Director – RAPA

Andrea is currently co-starring in the upcoming feature film A Way From Here. Filming in the middle of the Canadian Rockies is a challenge that Andrea has thrown herself into with undying determination. Despite plunges into glacial lakes, hail storms and a broken tail-bone on the summit of a mountain, Andrea has persevered with professionalism giving performances that often receive standing ovations from the crew.

Other film credits include Zero Hour: Flight 93 (Discovery Channel), lead dancer in The Sun, Moon and Waves (Bravo!Fact), Quarter Past Five and many more.

Andrea is entering her second season with 2000 Candles, an up-beat and unique musical that is revolutionizing the way we look at Christmas. She also toured Nationally with Brookstone Theatre Company playing 35 characters in the 2 hour epic The Big Picture. Andrea’s theatre debut in Toronto was the lead role in Carol Churchill’s FEN at the North York Performing Arts Centre. Andrea co-wrote, composed the music and performed in two shows for Shrimp Magnet Theatre Company.

Andrea spent a number of years pursuing another of her passions and started a photography business. She has since become an internationally sought after wedding photographer and her photos are taught in post-secondary programs throughout Toronto.

Putting her love for photography aside and turning her focus back to her first love – acting, Andrea recently worked on a short film Following After which was picked up for distribution on the Moviola Channel.

Having graduated from Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts with a diploma in Musical Theatre Andrea has a broad range of knowledge and skills that are applicable to both stage and on-camera work.

Andrea has appeared on numerous national and international commercial spots including Budweiser, Applebees, Hasbro and Abreva.

For more information about Andrea Cross and to see some of her work, please visit her promotional website.