Amanda Damaren
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your action will be.”
– Dalai Lama

Amanda is a passionate actor/dancer/singer rooted in Kitchener-Waterloo. As a resident, she was actively involved in community theatre by sharing her expertise and energy with young people in schools and non-profit organizations. Amanda Damaren is a graduate of the Eastwood Collegiate Integrated Arts Program under the direction of Janis Price. She graduated with an Arts diploma majoring in Dance as well as an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Eastwood Collegiate provided Amanda with a foundation for dance, theatre and vocal training as well as opportunities to perform lead roles such as Jan in the musical Grease, as well as dance along side professional modern companies including Ballet Jorgen, Toronto Dance Theatre and David Earl.

As a resident of Kitchener-Waterloo Amanda trained with Confidance Studio, Kitchener, Quinte Ballet School, Belleville, O.I.P, Toronto and Metro Movement, Toronto. As a competitive dancer, Amanda achieved several awards including Top Soloist, Overall Highest Score and Dance Odyssey’s Favourite Dancer. Furthermore, Amanda has received recognition for her choreography and creativity from several dance competitions.

Amanda recently lived in Vancouver BC where she graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University. Amanda is highly trained and has worked with numerous choreographers such as: Rob Kitsos, Judith Garay, Chengxin Wei, Megan Walker-Straight and Leslie Telford. Amanda also spent time training under TwoFourSeven hip-hop company where she worked under Carlo Atienza, Roberta Bierman and Jerome Esplana. She has competed at various hip-hop competitions around the world such as: World of Dance, Vegas, Body Rock, San Diego and Artists Emerge, Seattle. Amanda has an extraordinary vision for improvisation, collaboration and creation in dance and is excited to continue and share her work outside of University.

Amanda’s credits include Suicide Squad, Mr. Young, Canada’s Got Talent, The LA Complex, Hellcats, Baxter, Being Erica, Camp Rock 2, High School Musical, Canadian Idol and The Stratford Festival. She is proud to have worked with Romina D’Ugo and and David Ayer in Suicide Squad, Luther Brown in his stage production On My Way Home, Leon Rubin in the Stratford Shakespeare Festival production of Measure for Measure and Amy Wright on the set of Being Erica and Get Up ‘N Move.

Amanda’s goal is to continue collaborating with as many aspiring and innovative artists as possible and looks forward to extending her passion for dancing, singing and acting in many further artistic endeavours.