Alozie LaRose
Non Union
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
– Wayne Gretzky

Alozie is a Nigerian name meaning, “one who came into the world at the right time”. He sure did! Alozie has been making his mark since he was born. Alozie has a presence and charisma that make him a natural born leader. These characteristics served Alozie well in the world of sports. Alozie started playing multiple sports at a young age and has thrived as a skilled and dedicated athlete. Alozie is now applying his dedication to exploring the world of acting. Alozie was cast in lead roles in multiple school plays where his natural acting abilities began to blossom. Alozie has begun training with highly sought-after acting coach, Beatrice King. Under Beatrice’s tutelage, Alozie’s natural abilities are being fostered and his technical acting skills are taking shape. He takes direction well and thrives under pressure. Alozie isn’t afraid to get silly and takes his shot when opportunity arises.