Alison Jantzie
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“When you have a dream you’ve got to grab it and never let go.”
– Carol Burnett

Alison Jantzie grew up in a small prairie town, and has always dreamed of performing in the big city. Most recently Alison has been performing at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City as a Rockette. In her debut season Alison appeared in the Macyʼs Thanksgiving Parade, ABCʼs ʻUnwrapped: The Radio City Christmas Spectacularʼ, the Lustgartenʼs Rock and Roll Holiday Bash, and the NBC segment: ʻMy New Yorkʼ in taxi cabs throughout New York City.

Some of her favorite theatre credits include: The Drowsy Chaperone (Manitoba Theatre Center), The Music Man and Moby Dick (The Stratford Shakespeare Festival), High School Musical and Crazy for You (Drayton Entertainment), and Cats. She has worked for the Disney Entertainment Company, and has recently found a great passion for acting in front of the camera. She has been featured in shows such as Murdoch Mysteries, Baxter, and the L.A Complex. Alison Jantzie is a director of I.D Inspire Dance a summer dance intensive in Alberta that is currently in itʼs second season.