Alexandre Beaulieu
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“ The quiet but all pervasive presence of Alexandre Beaulieu. Keep an eye on this young man!”
– Bill Watts – The News / Psot

Alexandre Beaulieu is quite a performer, fully skilled as an actor, singer and dancer. What would describe Alexandre most, is his keen way of transforming from a cat to a young hypochondriac student, to romantic or wicked king without forgetting a very convincing seductive woman. All of those spicy approaches make Alexandre unforgettable, enjoyable, funny, hysterical and unique. Alexandre has the privilege to travel around the world doing what he loves the most, and get paid for it! Wow!!!

Alexandre is originally from the belle province of Quebec more specifically from a small town called Vald’Or (gold valley). His great heritage comes from a very artistic background such as competitive gymnast and karate. Dancing came as a surprise as let’s face it, finding masculine guys to dance in a troupe is a challenge but he got convinced and fell in love with the creative showbiz aspect. Ballet Jazz, Tap Dance and Ballroom did it! At age of 16 he moved to Montreal to join the Eddy Toussaint Ballet Company for 2 years to earn the training of Ballet, modern and contemporary styles.

Then the Big Apple dream showed up. If I can get out of Vald’Or and make it in Montreal why not New York! The funny part of all this is that with so little English in his dance bag, Alexandre made it to NY with only; Yes! No? I don’t understand. And. My name is. Enough to go audition for The MET and get hired as a dancer/acrobat for The Troyens Opera. Auditioning for Cats was the best learning experience as he realized what he had to do if he wanted to accomplish the ultimate dream, Broadway!

He was told to learn English and singing and to come back to audition. Well! It didn’t take very long. In a few months the singing, acting, English lessons and a dialect coach came on board. At the age of 22 he was offered by Marlene Smith, producer of the Toronto production of Cats, to play the role of Mr. Mistoffelees.
As the original magical cat, Alexandre introduced himself to the amazing city of Toronto. One day at the end of his number a lady in the house yield; Way to go Canada!!! That was so inspiring to continue honoring what he loved the most.

So, Cats, The Mikado, The Stratford Festival, Cats in Paris in French, Les Miserable, Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Beauty & the Beast, Kiss me Kate, Jesus Christ Superstar were those musicals that gave Alexandre the chance to share his amazing and generous talent.

Many TV commercials such as the dancing feet in the Rolo ice cream or the insisting personal assistant in the McCain’s Pizza made Alexandre very noticeable.

While performing in The Phantom of the Opera, Mr. Beaulieu…sounds good hey? Mr. Beaulieu was asked to participate in the Miss Mega Musical Pageant contest. A fundraiser for Actors Fund of Canada for people with Aids. Little did he know that he would create a monster. Ms. Mona Moore the seductive, beautiful, amazingly talented Diva came to life. Due to an amazing crowd reaction, Mr. Beaulieu decided to further the creation of the character Ms Mona Moore and co-create the Two Darn Hot showcase.

This amazing challenge and phenomenal creation of Ms Mona Moore gave Alexandre the opportunity to make some fabulous guest appearances on TV series such as Once a Thief, Sleeping Dogs Lie, The Relic Hunter on the English side and on the French side, Fortier II, Haute surveillance, Le Collectionneur, L’Auberge du chien noir, and , a recurring role in Miss Meteo. All of those fun but challenging roles gave Alexandre vehicles to showcase his amazing capabilities.

Now, you can’t say that his career is boring “au contraire”, playing a Cat or a hypochondriac, a seductive woman or a clown, Mr. Beaulieu has always enjoyed taking on these wonderful roles that are in his eyes gifts to just say; Hey look! I’m doing what I love the most!!!