Alex Pepin
“Actors are athletes of the heart.”
– Antonin Artaud

Alex was born in Vancouver and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He started acting at the age of twelve after being recruited by a talent agency based in Ottawa called Angie’s AMTI. Alex received the award for Best Actor and the award of Most Photogenic at the Angie’s AMTI Alumni presentation. From a very young age Alex has always been encouraged to pursue a career in the arts. In high school he was part of the P.S.A. program (Program Specialized in the Arts) where he was encouraged to express himself in Theatre and the Visual Arts. He also played the lead role in many short films for his film production class all through high school.

Post high school, along with his passion for acting, Alex graduated from a three year program in Ottawa at La Cité Collegial in Advanced 3D Animation; where he discover a new love for human movement through his Mime, Corporal Expression and Motion Capture classes. He moved to Vancouver in 2015 after being offered a job in the animation industry to work on a feature film. Not being able to satisfy his curiosity of the human condition and his need to express true emotions, Alex decided to take acting classes at Railtown Actor’s Studio where he discovered his real calling. After a couple of years of intense scene study, being pushed to certain limits by acting teachers, playing in several indie short films and having sold out tickets for several ensemble presentations; Alex is ready to expand as a professional Actor.