Alex Pepin
“Actors are athletes of the heart.”
– Antonin Artaud

From a young age Alex Pepin was encouraged by his parents to express himself through the arts. Seeing his natural inclination for the field, they engaged him in a plethora of artistic disciplines, allowing him to build a varied skill set, and allowing him to see how all the artistic disciplines connect. In high school he was introduced to acting through Drama and Cinematography classes, teaching him the dynamics of being both in front and behind the camera.

After high school Alex had ambitions of becoming a professional mixed martial arts fighter and trained vigorously towards this goal. Despite achieving success in this discipline, the lifestyle toll lead Alex to pursue a diploma in Advance 3D Animation from La Cité Collégiale. Through studying character animation Alex discovered a new love for human movement and expression. He spent three years learning how to communicate a story without the need of dialogue through corporal expression classes which included mime work and body language analysis.

Alex continued on to work as character animator on the likes of Sony Pictures’ ‘Sausage Party’ and DreamWorks’ ‘Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia’ to name a few. Unable to fully satisfy his curiosity for human behaviour and expression through animation, Alex dove into acting. He began training extensively, and continues to train regularly, at Railtown Actors Studio with Anthony Shim, John Cassini, Edward Foy and Kate Twa. In these classes Alex felt an instant connection with the craft. It combined his passions about the connection between body and mind that he had already explored through sports and animation.

Through Alex’s acting training he quickly began booking lead roles in short films. Upon signing with da Costa Talent Alex made his debut on CBS’ ‘Twilight Zone’ and has gone on to appear in ABC’s ‘The Good Doctor’ and most recently recur on season 5 of SYFY’s ‘The Magicians’.

Throughout Alex’s journey he has learned to see himself as a piece of a much bigger puzzle and understands how many artistic disciplines interconnect.