Akin Mponjika
“Live your life, live it right. Be different, do different things.”
– Kendrick Lamar

Akin is passionate about performance and loves to embody ideas and emotions through acting, dance, acrobatics, singing, and music. He has been actively learning and developing these skills since he was 4. Akin has been attending the Children’s Peace Theatre summer camp for 3 years. He practices aerial sling, trapeze and hoop with the Hercinia Arts Collective at the Circus Fix. He is part of the USchool ukelele ensemble. He gets to perform regularly with these groups and this training has opened many doors for him.

Akin was the principal actor in Earthworm, a short film shown at the 2017 Ryerson University Film Festival. He got to sing, dance, play the Ukelele and act in a demo/promo for Ukelele U. Akin was featured in a Black History Month PSI for the Disney Channel. He is an actor in Radioactive Spyder, a 2019 Toronto Fringe Kidsfest musical theatre play. He has a small role in an episode of Tallboyz, an upcoming CBC Comedy series.

In his spare time, you will find Akin in a park, on a trail, in a tree or by the water. You may also find him experimenting and learning about chemistry. Akin knows what he loves, goes for it, and owns it!