Aimee Stolte
Non Union
“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
– Paolo Coelho

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Aimee spent most of her youthful years in the brisk Saskatoon, SK, where she learned what cold really was, and then spent time in Calgary, AB, before making her way out to the West Coast. Part prairie-girl and part city-girl, Aimee has pursued a creative life, being involved in music, fine arts and acting since before her teen years. She studied marketing at the University of Saskatchewan which landed her in roles that built her an astute business sense and work ethic. Through volunteer work and growing up in a humanitarian family, Aimee has a deep love for people and passion to make their voices heard.

Although she took the long way around, some may say, by going for her business degree and working in the world of business for a little while first, she considers her path to be full of valuable experiences which she brings to the craft, and which have led her to appreciate her love of acting and life even more. It’s through the arts, she believes, that ideas are born, voices are heard and lives are changed! The biggest thing she’s learned? Listening to her gut and jumping into the fire. Which is exactly what she’s done, involving herself in independent films and landing 2 leading roles in the PULL Festival in Vancouver.

Aimee’s devotion to the craft of acting keeps her constantly training, whether it’s body, voice, dance, creative work or technique classes. Aimee is continually learning and bringing her full artistic capacity to her work. Always challenging herself, Aimee grows leaps and bounds. A quote from her fellow colleague “You teach Aimee to dive off a 1 metre and next step is she’s diving off the 50 metre!”